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Top Brand Make-up Brush Sets Under £40?

If you want to apply make-up well, whether you are the next top make-up artist or a girl who just wants to look great, you need proper brushes.

Before you go straight into buying big brands such as MAC and Sigma and shed out hundreds of pounds, do some research first. Brushes are an investment you will never regret, but not all luxury brands are the same or as premium quality as you may expect.
Do you think big brands such as MAC and L’Oreal have their own factories dedicated to producing high quality brushes exclusively for them? No. No cosmetic does. All companies source their brushes from large manufacturers around the world and a majority of them are from the Far East. There is no exclusivity here, except their brand name stamped on the brushes. Expensive brands reassure you of good quality, but it is always possible to get the same quality from a less expensive source and sometimes an even better quality!
Remember, cosmetic brands are in the business of beauty, image and PROFIT.

Evaluate each part of the brush 

There are 3 parts to a brush:

  1. Handle
  2. Ferrule
  3. Brush

There are 2 main options for handles – wood or plastic. Both have their pros, so it’s really just personal preference. Plastic is long-lasting and cheap to manufacture, but it is not environmentally friendly. Remeber, the fancier, and more expensive brushes do not result in an increase in quality or performance. You want brushes that are both pretty, but above all, functional and long-lasting.
Again, there are several options for ferrules including plastic, aluminium, brass and copper. A strong ferrule is the key to a quality makeup brush. You want a seamless ferrule with no welds or joints. Ferrules with seams tend to pull apart and allow make-up and water to accumulate, which causes the handle to loosen or damage.
There are natural and synthetic brushes, so how do you know which kind to choose? Different types of brushes work best with different types of make-up.
Natural hair brushes - Typically made out of various animal hair. Practice makes perfect with natural makeup brushes, as they are extremely durable and actually get better the more you use them. When it comes to powder products, natural makeup brushes are your best bet, as they are highly textured to give you a good application. Of course, with animal hair, ethics comes into play. Be sure to check that they have been ethically sourced and that the animals were not harmed in the process. It is a big area of concern in the cosmetic industry and natural hair brushes are now few and far between.
Synthetic brushes - They are made up of manmade bristles, usually from nylon or other synthetic fibers. Unlike natural brushes, synthetic makeup brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them great to use with both liquid and powder products, because they won’t clump makeup. Synthetic bristles are perfect for precision application.
In conclusion, you want a pretty brush that is affordable and long-lasting. The more you spend does not automatically mean the best quality. In fact, the more expensive the brush, the likelihood is you are paying a premium for a brand name. As I said before, there are plenty of more affordable alternatives out there with the same high quality, if not better.


Premium Quality, Cruelty-Free Make-up Brush Set UNDER £40?


We at 'Nature & My' offer make-up brush sets that are 100% cruelty-free, premium quality and ethically sourced without the luxury price tag.

The handles are made from ethically sourced, panda-friendly, bamboo, which is the choice of many professional makeup artists for their quality, control, and sustainability.

Copper is the preferred choice of ferrule for high-grade, big brand brushes. Our makeup brush sets go one further and recycled high grade copper ferrules. Superior to aluminium, they will keep their shape and hold for longer and will never discolour with sweat or water. The copper has been sourced from excess materials used in the wiring of power cables in our manufacturer's factory.

As an eco-friendly and ethical brand, our bamboo makeup brushes are made with super-soft Taklon, a form of synthetic fibre, designed to include anti-bacterial qualities, as well as softness, versatility, and durability. They naturally attract each other, which allows for a smoother, more precise and streak-free application. They do not soak up too much make-up on application or clump together. This again allows for the smoother application and even helps towards saving you money as you naturally use less product!

We even include a 100% natural hemp drawstring bag with each of our make-up sets.
  • It can be recycled, re-used and is 100% biodegradable. 
  • It is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial - perfect for storing and transporting your brushes!
  • It is naturally resistant to pests so has not been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides to grow.

6-Piece Make-Up Brush Set UNDER £40

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