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Here are some of the headlines you may have seen over recent years...

"Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal"
"Fluoride lowers children's IQ"
"Fluoride causes Hypothyroidism and linked to many Cancers"  

Fluoride in drinking water is functionally different to the naturally-occurring calcium fluoride. Hexafluorosilicic acid is the type of fluoride most often used for adding to drinking water in the UK. It is derived from phosphate fertilizers and aluminium producers and contains 28 co-contaminants, many of which are listed in the UK Deregulation Act as reported poisons.

Fluoridation is actually uncommon and is almost entirely banned throughout most of Europe. Around 6-8 million people still receive artificially fluoridated water in the UK. Most of the artificial fluoride added to water supplies comes from silicofluorides, which are chemicals produced mainly as by-products from various manufacturing processes. 

The West Midlands has the biggest water fluoridation scheme in the UK, but there are also smaller schemes in operation in other parts of the country.

- Anglian Water Services Ltd
- Northumbrian Water Ltd
- South Staffordshire Water Plc
- Severn Trent Plc
- United Utilities Water Plc

If you live in one of the areas listed above, a high quality water filter is recommend to filter this out. It can be especially important to avoid exposing yourself to too much fluoride in your daily shower or bath.

We offer a solution for all your water filtration needs from shower filter attachments to whole house filtration systems.