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Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on having built a fantastic reputation based on professionalism and quality of product together with excellent customer care and service.


Anonymous on Jan 06, 2019

Happy to be green...

Doing a bit for the world as well as your teeth must be good... and these brushes are better than I expected and much more suitable for my gums. 


Lauren B. on Oct 20, 2018

2nd Brush

Loves the 1st brush we bought so much we bought a 2nd one They are so good to use and beautiful to handle


Anonymous on Jul 16, 2018

Bamboo toothbrush

Felt soft in the mouth and nice to use


Julie B. on Jul 29, 2018

New to mineral salt deodorant

Fairly effective , as there has been some very hot days recently I feel that the effectiveness wears off towards end of day . It feels nice to be chemical free 


Anonymous on Apr 25, 2018


These are great toothbrushes. Look good, bristles are soft and last the time needed. 


Anonymous on Apr 19, 2018

The world needs more of this

Such a great product. I gave one to my mum (who isnt such a believer in small changes leading to bigger with regards to being environmentally friendly!)and she said it's the best toothbrush she's ever used! I love it to. I also love the zero waste, yet simply beautiful packaging. Well done Natura and My for getting it so right!


Anonymous on Apr 05, 2018

Great all round

This is a super brush and I much prefer the small size to any adult one I have used thus far It’s bristles are soft but still sturdy and clean teeth are ensured Delivery was incredibly quick with minimal packaging and of course plastic free. Winner


carey on Apr 04, 2018

love love love!

I absolutely LOVE your toothbrushes. I bought a family pack which will see my family of 4 through the entire year. Great value for money given that no other company offer anything like this. The kids loved dissolving the wrappers in the water too - nice touch :)


Anonymous on Mar 27, 2018

Great item

Used it today for the first time I suffer from Hyphydrosis and wow my arms are lovely and dry shall be using it all over in the summer! I love that it’s natural no dour and non staining. May I also add excellent customer services Thank you!


Anonymous on Mar 26, 2018

more eco- friendly toothbrush

This is my first non-plastic handled brush. I bought a 4 pack of the adult size so won't be buying again just yet. I will, but will choose the children's brush. I find the adult one just too big and the feeling of the wood in my mouth rather unpleasant. I hope this is just acclimatisation...... Also, I have selected soft bristles to avoid further gum erosion (I'm old) but they still seem a bit stiff especially at first. Lastly, I think it would be an idea if you included just how the bristles and the inside wrapper can be recycled. It's not obvious to me...



Anonymous on Mar 15, 2018


What a great co. Plastic free and prompt service with great prices Thank you 😊


Anonymous on Feb 09, 2018

plant based toothbrush

Good toothbrush and good to cut down use of plastic.


Ray on Jan 29, 2018

Best eco toothbrush i've owned

i love your company ethos and your toothbrushes are great. its refreshing to see you are striving for an all-natural alternative to a plastic brush and donating to a great cause at the same time


Aimee on Jan 28, 2018


These are just fab! My family and I have been using these for nearly 9 months and we love them. The bristles are soft and gentle on our teeth and gums. Well done!


Andrea T. on Jan 08, 2018

efficient service, fab toothbrush

rather a bulky head compared to a regular plastic toothbrush but not something that would put me off. Just needs getting used to. 


Aubrey M. on Dec 11, 2017

Bamboozled, in the best way!

I ordered bamboo toothbrushes and hair brushes as Christmas presents and am impressed not only by the non-plastic products but the non-plastic packaging, with the possible exception of a slip of transparent film that may or may not be plastic. The brushes are packaged 'loose' and supported by old fashioned paper scrunched up as it always to be in parcels. I have already planned my next order!


clare t. on Nov 24, 2017

The best hairbrush ever.

Comfortable handle for my size 8 hands, gentle on the scalp and it covers a much broader area than other brushes, effective de-tangling through my curly auburn hair. 


Anonymous on Nov 16, 2017

Love it

Have bought for a gift but I am very impressed with the quality and look of the brush. Good to know it’s all natural too


Nicola Rossell on Nov 01, 2017

Best ever tried

I’ve been searching for AGES for a natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works. This is the one for me!


Anonymous on Oct 08, 2017

Extremely happy 😊

Love using the toothbrush, it is tactile and feels good to hold and brushes just like a normal brush. BIG smiles. Have even given the 2nd one to a dentist friend and they love it too!


Lucy H. on Oct 01, 2017

Beyond expectation

I have tried a few natural deodorants, this one comes out top. I use it everyday and lasts all day. Very happy with this purchase. It will last for ages too so makes it value for money. 


Abigail B. on Aug 31, 2017

Great customer service

I ordered 4 bamboo toothbrushes and there was a glitch with delivery but I believe that was down to Royal Mail. nature and my responses to all my emails and quickly rectified the problem. I've already placed a second order 


Malena E. on Jun 02, 2017

I love the bamboo toothbrush.

I love the bamboo toothbrush. Will definitely buy it again


Princess Bethacup on May 25, 2017

Definitely your money's worth

I'm not buying into ideas that it will damage my hair any less than any other hairbrush, although I take such care with my hair I probably wouldn't notice. However, the first time I used this brush I was really happy with it... felt nicer to use in general - almost therapeutic in a weird little way. It's actually just a beautiful object to own and I'm really happy I have it.


Georgia on Apr 26, 2017

Best Eco-Friendly Toothbrush I've Come Across So Far

I'm so over the moon with my purchase. I've been making the transition to sustainable, Eco-Friendly and vegan products for a couple of years now and can find it really hard to get my hands on the right products. I have had tried a few other toothbrushes but none have really made the cut, until I tried this one. 
The bristles are soft, but firm enough to feel like I've actually given them a good clean. The shape of the handle is a really comfortable fit and it's nice and light. 
All in all a great product, I highly recommend a purchase!


Rick on Apr 26, 2017

Most effective deodorant i've ever had!

I do a very manual job and find myself needing to 'top up' my deodorant a few times a day normally. A friend of mine recommended this to me and although initially apprehensive, i will never look back. Put it on first thing in the morning after a shower and it keeps odour at bay all day. Not only that, but I can see it's going to last me ages, so I've saved money too!


Mia on Apr 24, 2017


This hairbrush is really soft on my hair and doesn't rip it all out, unlike every other hairbrush!!


Amber on Apr 24, 2017

Fantastic product

Bought a bamboo toothpaste which I am over the moon about. The quality of the product far outweighs my previous products with other brands. I will definitely exploring the range and have my eye on the make up brushes. Thanks